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Today, nanotechnology is among the most important and powerful tools for a fast and sustainable development with an enormous impact in many different fields. The need of exchanging ideas and experiences is behind NanoInnovation, a well-established point of reference for the national and international community active in the field of nanotechnology and related applications.

The main purpose of NanoInnovation 2023 is to present to a wide and broad audience, state-of-the-art research, recent achievements and global trends in nanoscience and nanotechnology, as well as promoting cross-disciplinary interactions highlighting developments in this field of research. The conference aims to bring together leading academics, scientists, researchers and any professional operating in the field of nanotechnology in order to exchange and share ideas, know-how and information.



During the four-day event, plenary sessions, parallel thematic symposia, round tables and different meeting opportunities will update participants on the latest technologies developments and the latest results achieved in research activities. In fact, to meet its goals, NanoInnovation 2023 will host, among others, high-quality scientific sessions where world-renowned speakers will present the most recent results, newest updates and technical developments in the fields of nanotechnology and nano research. 

In addition to the part mainly dedicated to scientific activity, the conference will host satellite and networking events in order to provide opportunities of exchange and discussion among players active in different aspects of nanotechnology and, more generally, industrial technology. The industrial world will contribute actively to this frame and will be also the main protagonist in the exhibition area, where latest product will be presented and illustrated favouring exchange and discussion opportunities.

Thanks to its multi-level structure, NanoInnovation 2023 provides an ideal environment to develop new collaborations and meet experts from different fields of study and research.

It will also provide a proper platform where interdisciplinary researchers, experts and professionals will present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and developments.

The target audience of the event is so inevitably heterogeneous: it wants include students, professors, researchers, companies, associations and representatives of the institutional world.



Nanotechnology represents one of the most advanced fields of science and technology, offering plenty of opportunities and applications. The impact on both science and production technology has grown rapidly in recent time and a further revolution is expected in many sectors. The conference will place special emphasis on the main sectors, such as energy and environment, agri-food, health, nanomedicine, nanotoxicology, micro-nano electronics, microscopy and characterization, smart textiles, additive and 3D manufacturing, cultural heritage & conservation and aerospace.


The impact of Nanotechnology is continuously growing, involving a broad range of industrial practices in several fields, including also unexpected applications in agriculture, water treatment and energy storage. Today, it is one of the most innovative, cutting-edge areas of scientific study and it continues to advance at staggering rates.

NanoInnovation has been following the international trends on Nanotechnology hosting all the aspects of the discipline from the classical aspects in materials science to the most innovative applications where the soft matter and the living matter are involved. Moreover, nanotechnology is evolving from being simply one of the KET’s to a discipline underlying a broad spectrum of technology development so that our conference is widening its interest embracing also contiguous fields strictly connected.



The conference has been conceived as a not traditional forum, having several purposes beyond the classical aspects of scientific dissemination. The exchange of ideas across the strict discipline boundary made by players with different roles, the meeting of technology offer and demand are only a few examples of our purpose. Consequently, NanoInnovation 2023 will dedicate wide space to debate between the main actors of the sector, in order to support also the creation of national and international networks. For this reason, the first day of the conference will be dedicated to plenary sessions of general interest, while the last one will host the debate on the issues imposed by the Open Science & Open Innovation approach. The most important issues of the present situation, including the important results expected from the Recovery Plan, require a strong cooperative effort at both the local and national levels with the building-up of a common understanding about the critical needs. Several aspects, from the roadmap for shared infrastructure to cooperative projects, to the formative requirements for technologists of new generation will be illustrated to participants by the main actors governing the process. The role of NanoInnovation is to provide a forum hosting the dialogue with all the subjects potentially interested aiming to disseminate information and to collect comments, contributions and new ideas.

The challenges and opportunities provided by the PNRR make the 2023 edition of NanoInnovation particularly important and interesting. The epochal problems addressed by the recovery plan, like global sustainability mainly in the energy transition and in the digital transformation requires a strong effort from the scientific community and the cooperation among many sectors to generate innovative knowledge suitable to be used in the technology development. PNRR requires in fact an important contribution from technological development, but, even more important, foresees the fast translation of innovative know-how into useful industrial and technological innovation able to support the ambitious targets of PNRR. Join NanoInnovation to follow this process from a privileged point of view and to participate to the debate required to make responsible and success choices.



Nanotechnology is expected to dominate the development of future technologies with impressive breakthroughs in many industrial sectors and an increasing impact on our lives. For this reason, update training courses and school will be held during the conference. As for the past editions, schools concerning various issues will be organized. NanoInnovation believes in the importance of training and in the need of sharing and transmitting knowledge at all levels, from student to professional. 



Also this year, following the success of the previous two editions, the event “YoungInnovation” will be organized during NanoInnovation. Today, science, technology and innovation are the engine of development all over the world. In a complex and fast-changing world, researchers can contribute to face all big challenges ahead. For this reason, new generations of researchers and scientists are key to world’s future development.

NanoInnovation has always tried to promote science and research at all levels, to encourage exchanges between universities, research institutions and companies, to facilitate participation of early stage researchers in the scientific world, to support their careers and promote mentorship activities. For this reason, YoungInnovation, the special event dedicated to young researchers, will take place again during this edition.

Co-organized with University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, the two-days event will host a series of symposia where the state of research will be presented by young researchers, who daily work in laboratory to produce innovation. The focus of YoungInnovation is to evaluate the current status of the research. In particular, very innovative aspects will be analysed. Today, many research issues are becoming increasingly complex, and learning new perspectives on future research is a vital element for scientific progression. The event meets the need to encourage the exchange of ideas and to support young researchers in their activities.



NanoInnovation is a forum where learning in which direction innovations are going.





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