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University "Magna Graecia" of Catanzaro

The University of Catanzaro 'Magna Græcia' is one of three public universities in Calabria, the second largest in terms of enrolment.

Founded in 1998, it was originally located on the northern outskirts of the city and spread over several facilities. Subsequently, the University and the University Campus were relocated to the Germaneto district (western outskirts of Catanzaro) on an area of 170 hectares, within a structure built in 2006, to meet all the needs befitting a university campus: spaces for student services, sports facilities, university residence to house students and lecturers.

The history of higher education in the city of Catanzaro dates back to the period of the first reign of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon King of Naples (1759-1806).

The fact remains that, after various vicissitudes, its genesis is due to the contribution of various academies and intellectuals, mostly from Calabria.

Endowed with several departments - including the Department of Legal, Historical, Economic and Social Sciences, the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, and the Department of Health Sciences - the Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro offers a rich choice for students wishing to pursue their studies with professionalism and excellent performance. A renewed, innovative educational offer in line with labour market trends.

In addition, with a view to international openness and exchange of study and research activities, the University has entered partnerships with leading foreign universities to launch advanced analysis and scientific research projects.

The policies implemented by the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, since its establishment, have been aimed at the collaboration and mutual enrichment of its members, and have contributed to the creation of an environment conducive to the enhancement of third mission activities, with local, national, and international spin-offs.

For years, in fact, it has been strongly committed to transformation of research results into knowledge for productive purposes (scientific consultancy with external public and private bodies), 

knowledge dissemination and scientific outreach activities (public engagement), health promotion, and moreover, public, social, and anti-discrimination policies.

Among the fields of research carried out by the UMG there is the development of nanotechnology in pharmaceutical and medical fields.

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